Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where to Start With Your Healthy Eating Plan

Once you’ve decided to take the first steps in healthy eating, creating a plan to guide you will help you in your efforts. Eating healthier can start with small changes at first and you can progress from there, but creating goals for yourself in advance will help you stay focused and measure your progress.

Make Realistic Goals

If losing weight is what you hope to accomplish with your new healthy eating habits, set reasonable goals for yourself in terms of how much weight you’d like to lose. For some, gaining weight, lowering cholesterol, or building muscle may be the goal. Regardless of what you’re working towards, making goals that aren’t too easy or too impossible is a great way to stay motivated.

Stay Away From Convenience Foods

Not in every case, but quite often, packaged foods that are ready to eat are much less healthy than something home cooked. Cooking healthy meals from fresh meats, vegetables, and whole grains allows you to see what you’re putting into your meal and cut down on the excess fats and sugars you don’t need. You’re also potentially cutting out quite a bit of preservatives and toxins by eating this way.

Don’t Be Afraid To Snack

Sticking to a healthy eating plan doesn’t mean you need to cut snacks out of your day. Switching up your snack choices to a healthier alternative will allow you to fulfill your cravings while helping you to feel full and satisfied all day. Have a snack alternative option ready for every different craving you have, such as sweet, salty, hot, cold, or crunchy. Eat a piece of fruit in place of a candy bar or have a handful of nuts rather than a bag of chips.

Start Slowly

Making too many drastic changes at once could be discouraging if you become overwhelmed with denying yourself all the foods you’re used to. Start by reducing your portions on your regular meals and cutting out the little things like that bag of chips you wolfed down on the way home and didn’t really taste. Once you’ve become accustomed to paying more attention to your diet, add a few more healthy eating habits in one at a time and soon you’ll notice your whole routine has changed for the better.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Energy Drink That's Safe and Healthy

It never ceases to amaze me when I walk into a gas station or convenience store and see the piles of energy drinks that are now on the market.

Obviously, we ALL need more energy but are these energy drinks the right way to do so?

I'm sure you know better by now.

If you want more than just a quick jolt of energy, then stimulants like caffeine will NEVER help you.

They will, in fact, work against you…

…Slowly but surely wearing down your adrenal glands and draining your energy little by little.

Pretty soon, you'll need MORE caffeine just to stay awake. That's how your body adapts to "drugs" like caffeine.

Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster are loaded with caffeine (and sugar). So too is coffee.

Instead, try energizing your body by improving the health of your "internal environment" - a concept which our friend and holistic nutritionist - Yuri Elkaim discusses in his new and improved Eating for Energy…

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Anyways, here are 2 great energizing recipes for you,courtesy of Eating for Energy:

RECIPE #1 - Natural Gatorade

This first energy drink is Yuri's "Natural Gatorade" and is fantastic on hot days or after sweat-inducing workouts.

500 ml water (or coconut water)
1-2 tbsp maple syrup
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Juice of 1/2 lime
Pinch of sea salt

This is a surefire way to keep you going in the blistering heat or during a workout, while boosting your energy naturally.

RECIPE #2 - Green Cappuccino

Try a morning without coffee and have this green juice instead. The alkalizing minerals it provides (ie. calcium, potassium, magnesium) is one of the secrets to all-day energy.

• 8 leaves of kale
• 4 stalks of celery
• 1 apple
• 1⁄2 cucumber
• 1 carrot
• 1⁄2 handful of parsley
• Juice of 1 lemon

* Throw all ingredients into a juicer. Once juiced, give it a stir and enjoy!

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Arthur M.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Raw Food Diet MYTH

You may have heard from the media, friends, or the "gurus" that following a raw food diet is the  KEY to having more energy...


Well maybe not so much.

Let me explain…

It’s true that a raw food diet will provide you with greater health, easier weight loss, and more energy…

If you eat the RIGHT foods.

The problem is that when most people venture into raw foods they end up eating far too many calorie-rich foods that actually deprive their body of energy.

If you want to feel sluggish and tired, then eat more nuts, seeds, and fatty foods–even if they’re raw...

These are the very foods you'll eat most often when following a traditional gourmet raw food book.

Don't get me wrong…

Some of those recipes are delicious but their copious amounts of nuts and seeds put your digestive system (and thus energy levels) to the test.

You know - the raw pizza, crackers, and even pates and spreads that are heavily based on nuts and seeds.

The reason that these recipes tend to drain your energy - rather than boosting it - is primarily due to the fact that they're loaded with calories.

And my good friend and holistic nutritionist Yuri Elkaim has made this very easy to understand by stating that…

"The energetic feeling you derive from foods is inversely related to the calories that they provide."

Nicely put.

Basically, the more calories you eat, the less energetic you feel. Just think about that for a minute.

Ok, moving on.

If you want more energy and think that a raw food diet will give you that energy, then you need to eat the right foods. This does not include basing most of your meals on high-fat/high-calorie foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, and oils.

In fact it has been shown that many people on traditional raw food diets are consuming 50 to 60% of their calories from fat!

That’s crazy.

So if you want to have more energy and are looking for the best foods to eat on a raw diet then remember this simple formula…

Keep it fresh, keep it simple, keep it green.

If you follow this simple formula for at least 80% of your daily food intake, then you’ll likely have much more energy in no time.

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Arthur M.

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